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Sistar gears up for release of final single

17:52 May 24, 2017


SEOUL, May 24 (Yonhap) -- South Korean record label Starship Entertainment announced May 23 that idol group Sistar will disband following the release of its final single on May 31.

Not only did most of the band's supporters doubt what they'd just heard as Starship dropped the heartbreaking news out of the blue, but the whole K-pop world has been in an uproar since.

It is said the decision was made following a meeting between the members and the company where they had a considerate conversation and most made it clear they wanted to pursue their own personal interests.

Throughout a career spanning seven years since its debut with single "Push Push" in 2010, Sistar has been on the up-and-up with an admirable tear of commercially expedient tunes under its belt and no recognizable waning in the notoriously competitive realm of the K-pop world. This is a highly rare feat to pull off where dozens of artists come in the game and fade into obscurity day by day.

After releasing early tracks "Push Push" and "Shady Girl" which established the group as a viable act in 2010, "How Dare You" and "So Cool," dropping next year, helped the band gather momentum to be another girl-power phenomenon hailing from the 2010s.

Sistar took a dramatic turn in 2012 as the breakout single "Alone" peaked at number one on most domestic charts, sending the then rookie straight into huge mainstream success. Besides its solid sonic power, helped by long-term collab partner Brave Brothers, the group's perfectly executed choreography was a nationwide sensation that many celebrities and dancers parodied and covered.

Sistar was often dubbed "the summer girls" based on its well-known public image as a group of chirpy girls in tanks and shorts frolicking on the beach.

New beauty standards emerged as men moved away from the slender and submissive women of the 90s and early 2000s, and turned more towards larger women with a self-assertive attitude. The group fully capitalized on the emerging trend and quickly became among the hottest Korean sex symbols who strongly appealed to "Samchon fans," referring to a particular group of admirers who are usually more than ten-years older than the star.

From a musical perspective, comparing many of Sistar's hits released during its pinnacle years from 2012-2015 ("Loving U," "Touch My Body," and "Shake It") to "Alone" which is mellower in tone, they are viewed as "seasonal classics." Meaning they subsequently continue to surge in popularity each summer, reminiscent of Busker Busker's "Cherry Blossom Ending" which revisits the charts every spring.

Considering the fact that the group's wheels seemingly never came off, its die-hard fans, who might have never envisioned themselves falling victim to the "seventh-year slump," have been served an absolute K.O. and left out of their element by the unexpected news.

Though the forthcoming single penned by the hotshot producing duo Black Eyed Pilseung, which is likely to be its final, will never be enough to supersede their desperation, the Sistar saga will go on with those celebrated summer standards.

Sistar gears up for release of final single1



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