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Truth panel recommends four more past cases for reinvestigation

14:28 April 24, 2018

SEOUL, April 24 (Yonhap) -- An independent panel of the Ministry of Justice said Tuesday it advised a prosecution inquiry team to reinvestigate four more past cases for potential mishandling and abuse of power by the law enforcement at the time.

The committee made the recommendation to the special inquiry team at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, putting the total number of past cases subject to the reinvestigation at 12, the ministry said.

The ministry launched a nine-member truth panel, consisting mainly of law professors, as part of efforts to redress injustice and human rights violations committed by the prosecution and court over the past decades.

The panel's selections mainly include some high-profile cases that have been called into question. Among them is the torture death of Park Jong-chul, a university student activist who died while being tortured by police in 1987.

His death sparked massive protests against the military-backed Chun Doo-hwan government, resulting in the restoration of a direct democratic presidential election.

Early this month, the panel added a few more cases for reinvestigation, including the suicide of an actress who claimed to have been sexually abused by an influential media mogul, and a deadly 2009 clash between police and protesters.

Tuesday's recommendation includes a sex allegation involving a former deputy justice minister in 2013, who was accused of being provided a sexual service arranged by a local businessman. Prosecutors closed the case citing a lack of evidence.

Also on the list is a suspected forgery case involving the National Intelligence Service (NIS). A North Korean man was charged for espionage in 2013 based on evidence submitted by the NIS, but the evidence turned out to have been concocted.

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