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N.K. foreign ministry again accuses U.S. of involvement in anti-gov't protests in Cuba

15:33 July 22, 2021

SEOUL, July 22 (Yonhap) -- North Korea on Thursday accused the United States of interfering in internal affairs in Cuba and plotting "behind-the-scene" schemes to inflame the recent anti-government demonstrations in the Caribbean nation.

The North's foreign ministry made the claim in an article on its website, saying, "Mass rallies were organized in the capital city of Havana and other cities to overpower the anti-government protests."

The website said President Miguel Diaz-Canel condemned the protests as "outcomes of behind-the-scene moves by the U.S. coupled with its persistent anti-Cuba blockade scheming to obliterate socialism and the revolution."

It said that Cuba will achieve victory in its struggle to "smash the U.S. attempts to interfere in internal affairs" and "tide over the present difficult situation."

The North also criticized U.S. sanctions on Cuba, pointing out that a recent U.N. resolution calling for the lifting of economic, trade and financial sanctions on Cuba is "a reflection of the universal voice of the international society."

Last week, the North's foreign ministry released a statement saying that the recent protests in Cuba are an "outcome of behind-the-scene manipulation by the outside forces."

It also released a statement under Vice Minister Pak Myong-guk on Wednesday pinpointing the U.S. as the "main culprit" of the Cuban demonstrations.

North Korea has been seeking to maintain closer ties with its traditional friendly countries, including Cuba, amid an impasse in nuclear negotiations with Washington.



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