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N. Korea slams U.S. over Ukraine crisis, calls Joe Biden 'old man in his senility'

19:43 April 09, 2022

SEOUL, April 9 (Yonhap) -- North Korea on Saturday condemned the United States for making the crisis surrounding Ukraine a human rights issue and imposing sanctions against Russia, denouncing U.S. President Joe Biden as "an old man in his senility" and a man of a "repeated slip of tongue."

A commentary carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the Ukraine issue has suddenly become a human rights issue, as the U.S. and western media branded the case as a war crime, with a politically motivated plot to defame Russia and to achieve the collapse of its regime.

"The latest story is the U.S. chief executive who spoke ill of the Russian president with groundless data," the English-language article read. "Such reckless remarks can be made only by the descendants of Yankees, master hand at aggression and plot-breeding."

The North then called Biden "an old man in his senility" with "a problem in his intellectual faculty," and "the president known for his repeated slip of tongue," though it stopped short of putting Biden's name in the article.

"A big question is if he could ever have done anything right with such IQ during his florid 50-year political career," according to the commentary.

It also criticized the U.S. and the western nations for imposing sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, claiming Washington is dreaming of "hitting the jackpot" in the ongoing crisis.

"The U.S.' 'sanction' and 'human rights' campaign against other countries will only bind its own hands and feet and reveal its unethical crimes to backfire on itself in the end," the article said.

It then said the U.S. is now fighting a losing battle and "the final loser will be the U.S."

North Korea has been under multiple international sanctions for its nuclear and missile tests, and has been under pressure by the U.S. for its human rights abuses.

This AP file photo, issued on March 26, 2022, shows U.S. President Joe Biden meeting with Ukrainian refugees during a visit to PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)



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