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About 3,000 S. Korean tourists stranded in Guam due to Typhoon Mawar aftermath

14:57 May 26, 2023

LOS ANGELES, May 25 (Yonhap) -- About 3,000 South Korean tourists were left stranded in Guam as the island's international airport remained shut down due to damage caused by the powerful Typhoon Mawar, according to diplomatic officials Thursday.

According to South Korean diplomats in Guam, the number of affected South Korean tourists is estimated to be at around 3,200, with most of them currently staying in local hotels.

Officials said they could remain stuck in the United States' Pacific island territory for some time, as local authorities expect international flights to resume no earlier than June 1.

"When the typhoon landed, everyone stayed indoors in accordance with the government's alert, so there have been no reports of casualties among tourists," said an official at the South Korean diplomatic office in Guam's capital of Hagatna.

The official, however, pointed out that there have been widespread inconveniences due to water shortages and power outages in hotels and other facilities.

He added that full resumption of international flights "could possibly take more time" as local authorities "need to drain the rainwater that has flooded the international airport and assess the safety of the airport landing strip."

According to the official, South Korean diplomatic authorities are discussing ways to offer support to the tourists with the local government.

Anecdotes shared by stranded tourists on online travel communities showed that some hotels in Guam have refused to extend the stays of tourists, prompting them to sleep in the lobby or banquet hall areas.

This AP photo shows the overflowing Hagatna River in Hagatna, Guam, on May 25, 2023, in the aftermath of Typhoon Mawar. (Yonhap)


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