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National Assembly to revote on controversial nursing act after Yoon's veto

10:02 May 30, 2023

By Kim Han-joo

SEOUL, May 30 (Yonhap) -- The National Assembly was set to hold a revote Tuesday on the nursing act vetoed by President Yoon Suk Yeol earlier this month amid expectations it is unlikely to win the necessary two-thirds support.

Yoon exercised his veto power against the bill railroaded by the main opposition Democratic Party (DP), saying the legislation causes too much tension among medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses and nursing assistants.

The DP put the bill to a revote, but it is highly likely to be voted down and scrapped, as a vetoed bill requires two-thirds approval to override the presidential veto. The PPP currently holds 113 seats, which is more than one-third of the 300-member parliament.

Doctors and nursing assistants have voiced their opposition to the bill, arguing it could lead to confusion in the medical sector by allowing nurses to open clinics without doctors' supervision and potentially discriminate against nursing assistants.

Nurses advocate for the bill, stating its importance in redefining their work as a more independent and professional service in response to increasing medical needs. They also argue that the act was one of Yoon's campaign promises leading up to last year's presidential election.

The National Assembly in a plenary session (Yonhap)


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