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Former KBS CEO files lawsuits against his dismissal

14:33 September 14, 2023

SEOUL, Sept. 14 (Yonhap) -- Kim Eui-chul, former president and CEO of public broadcaster KBS, said Thursday he has filed lawsuits against the company's decision to sack him.

On Tuesday, the broadcaster's board of directors dismissed him in a vote boycotted by five members affiliated with opposition political parties.

Six other members considered aligning with the ruling bloc voted in favor of the dismissal motion, which held him accountable for the broadcaster's worsening financial structure and "biased" news coverage, among others.

This undated file photo shows Kim Eui-chul, former president and CEO of public broadcaster KBS. (Yonhap)

"I filed a lawsuit yesterday demanding the dismissal be canceled and an injunction today for a stay of execution of the decision with the Seoul Administrative Court," Kim said in a press release.

He argued that the six reasons cited by the board for proposing his dismissal were nothing but subjective and unilateral claims. He also stressed that there was an urgent need to suspend the efficacy of the decision, given that it could take longer for the court to hand down a ruling than the remainder of his term in office.

The former CEO, who was appointed under President Moon Jae-in, had more than a year left before his term ends in December 2024.


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