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Top headlines in major S. Korean newspapers

07:01 September 20, 2023

SEOUL, Sept. 20 (Yonhap) -- The following are the top headlines in major South Korean newspapers on Sept. 20.

Korean-language dailies
-- 'Conservatives are good at security, economics? That is fabricated myth': former President Moon (Kyunghyang Shinmun)
-- 'You are nothing, how dare you': 1,200 service industrial employees' sad choice each year (Kookmin Daily)
-- China's technological capabilities surpass those of U.S.: paradox of U.S.' containment policy (Donga Ilbo)
-- Cornered Lee Jae-myung's battle, with no end in sight (Seoul Shinmun)
-- 'Lee Jae-myung could be sentenced to life imprisonment for the gravity of his crime' (Segye Times)
-- Gov't working on raising R&D budget on basic science again (Chosun Ilbo)
-- 'Lee Jae-myung's black hole' swallows even ideas to use general elections to judge current gov't (JoongAng Ilbo)
-- Korea Communications Commission's measures to stamp out fake news can be effectively censorship and against the Constitution (Hankyoreh)
-- Dementia patients' dangerous wandering about: more than 100 die each year (Hankook Ilbo)
-- Gen Z workers to fill 30 pct of Hyundai Motor's new factory (Maeil Business Newspaper)
-- Oil prices on fire; some surpass US$100 a barrel (Korea Economic Daily)

English-language dailies
-- Yoon sells economy and Expo bid (Korea JoongAng Daily)
-- Experts explore 'design for coexistence' (Korea Herald)
-- Yoon pitches Busan Expo bid through bilateral talks at UN (Korea Times)


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