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Ruling party meets brother of official killed by N.K.

Ruling party meets brother of official killed by N.K.

Rep. Kweon Seong-dong (C), floor leader of the ruling People Power Party, poses for a photo with Lee Rae-jin (2nd from R), the elder brother of Dae-joon, a fisheries ministry official shot to death by North Korean soldiers while drifting in waters in the West Sea in September 2020, prior to their meeting at the National Assembly in Seoul on June 24, 2022. Two days earlier, Lee filed a complaint against three presidential secretaries of the former Moon Jae-in government for pressuring the Coast Guard and the defense ministry two years ago to publicly state that the official was believed to have been killed while trying to defect to North Korea. The agencies recently apologized for their statements made without concrete evidence. Lee also warned of a legal action against Moon. (Yonhap) (END)

09:33 June 24, 2022

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